How to identify me on the street.

This is my “messenger bag” (otherwise known as a “man purse”). I spraypainted this one day with a stencil a while back. I don’t really know where the premise of the skeletal man with the tie came from, but I liked it and rolled with it. The text, completely unsuited, is “We Tigers” from the song by the same name, by Animal Collective.

On the street, people often ask what “Wetigers” is, pronouncing it “wet-ig-ers” – I suppose I could’ve spaced out the letters better. Oh well.

The back of the bag you may recognize from this website. It’s a “logo” I designed for myself back when I first started doing web design, in my game design days (eventually some of that stuff will be located here). People always ask me what it means, and quite frankly I have no idea. I basically just took a circle in photoshop and started splitting it into pieces until I came up with something that I liked. It stuck. It’s the only thing I’ve ever considered getting tattooed on myself, although I probably never will.

So, if you see someone walking around with this satchel, run up to them and start beating them over the head, because they stole it from me. Oh, uh, if you don’t know what I look like, hold back from that until you ask for my autograph. I’ll have lessons on how to properly identify a Maury de Geofroy signature soon.

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