Electronic Cigarettes

I am not a smoker, but in Boston I was amazed by this – the video isn’t as impressive as the real thing – The “Electronic Cigarette” (link provided by the woman who was “smoking” it)- No tar, no smoke, just water vapor for appearances and system for distribution of nicotine inside it to give you your “fix.” The girl said “It’s like an inhaler.” She even got away with smoking it on the plane ride to Boston.

It’s not smelly. It even lights up at the end, looking like a surreal version of an actual cigarette. It’s actually pretty neat. I have no intention of taking up smoking because of it, but it seems like a good alternative for those who are looking to quit but still have the look and feel of smoking. We are living in the future and the future is electronic cigarettes. And turning your pockets inside out. Speaking of which, it’s probably less expensive than buying cartons of the real thing.


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