Another year, another WVVY logo design

Minor changes may yet be made but I’m pretty satisfied, it shows up well at a distance, too.


(Click image for bigger version)

I figured the catch phrase could be something like “If only we had this many antennas, then maybe you could hear us!” or is that self defeating?

On that subject: my fill in from Chris’ show this week will be available soon, and a snippet of Wolfie’s show yesterday. Damn recording software bugged out on me so I was only able to get the last quarter of his show, sorry Wolfie.


9 Responses to “Another year, another WVVY logo design”

  1. Tiny Says:

    I like it, how about “the community antenna”.. or “people powered radio” .. I like the idea that each antenna represents a voice, a show, a musical taste, etc.

  2. Maury Says:

    I don’t think I’m actually going to give it any sort of catch phrase, that’s not really my steez. I was just sitting there thinking “You know, the letters of the station could all be antennas if they were upside down, I should make a logo out of antennas!” so I did.

  3. Paulie Says:

    I like it Maury. It would look great on a black tee maybe with a catch phrase “Tune In”

  4. Bob Lee Says:

    It’s got a mad max jury-rig thang that gives me joy, yes indeed.

    “island radio for the planet.”

  5. Wayne Says:

    Looks good! Has a kind of Christmas bent to it, all the lights and stuff.

    You’re a big Ralph Steadman fan, aren’t you? 🙂

  6. Maury Says:

    Thanks Wayne. And yes, I’m a huge fan of Steadman. Hopefully my stuff doesn’t seem like an outright ripoff 😛

    As for the Christmas aspect, a note: those actually aren’t lights, they’re silhouettes of dishes/antenna parts. The thing is entirely made of antennas.

    In creating the concept I was thinking, “oh, this makes sense: upside down antennas, we turn radio on it’s head… perfect metaphor”

  7. Vinnie Says:

    How low will you go?! Come on, upside down antennas, really? That’s pretty low–low enough to work! Brilliant Maury!!
    upside down antennas for a low power radio station on an island.
    “Get Local with Low Power FM”
    “Get Low with Us”
    “Stay Low”
    “Nobody circles the antennas like WVVY” — maybe curve them a bit?…

  8. wendianna Says:

    love how it turned out, Maur……..for me you got that ‘Y’ just right! EXCELLENT on just about anything (shirts/mugs/cards, etc.)… whizzzzzzzed

  9. Sofi Thanhauser Says:

    So in line with the vvy ideals of retrofuterism, technopunk, and general good taste. Bravo.

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