Space Invaders

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

boing boing is one my favorite blog based sites and I found this there a few days ago, it impressed me. It’s like Justice’s Dance video meets cloverfield but with space invaders, the 8-bit kind.


3 Responses to “Space Invaders”

  1. Julia Hughes Says:

    The site looks fantastic- how did you create the black and white side and background images? I’d love your advice on our website.

  2. Maury Says:

    It’s basically just a bunch of multiply and screen in photoshop with various black and white images, it’s the culmination of a large amount of planning (I’d dreamed of doing something that looked something like this for years, but never knew how before) … I watched some tutorials and whatnot, got myself going and just went crazy. There are some details I’m still working out, want to learn flash and have some of that in here, etc. But I’m pretty happy with it for now. I might be able to get into detail with you about it in person.

  3. Austin Says:

    8bit(Justice + Cloverfield)/space invaders = win

    nice site, dude. ps – i’m too jealous of boingboing bloggers to say anything nice about them

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