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Us V Them: Underdog shirt design for WVVY

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

I came up with this while I was driving today, I wanted to create a shirt design that used the new WVVY logo but was not exclusively the logo. I’d been thinking about ideas, and then the LCD Soundsystem song “Us V Them” came on with the line “Us V Them Over and Over again” and I just envisioned this group of small people staring up at a giant glom of antennas, intimidated but empowered to press on and attempt to let their voices be heard amongst the din of noise that clogs the airwaves.

So this is what I created, from that idea:

(click for larger)

And the back would be like this:


and here’s the mockup of the shirt:


The logo could also very well be used, I suppose, in the context of any low power radio promo, but it was designed specifically to fit the theme of WVVY


Aequinox Vintage Clothing: Stockholm Edition

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

The next biggest news out of Stockholm since the Pirate Bay Trial is that Aequinox Vintage Clothing of Oak Bluffs is doing a trade show there (okay, maybe not the biggest, but big okay?)

Saturday, with Sarah Goodhart’s guidance, I designed a card advertising her upcoming web store. (With Swedish Babelfish) It was a quick design, but in crowd tests it was received by the ladies as “very cute!” A success if I ever had one! Good luck in Sweden, Sarah.

Link: Article about the show