Remember these?

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Just took a trip down memory lane laughing out loud at some “shreds” videos.

Nine Inch Nails – March Of Pigs (shreds)

Brushes for iPhone is pretty cool

Friday, July 17th, 2009

I downloaded this while I was waiting for a friend to show up at a movie the other night and started fooling around. Just a quick, first-ever drawing on my iphone. I started thinking about radiohead while making little white lines for the word bubble so…


Oh yeah and apparently it records all the brush strokes so here’s a video:

Found: Unofficial Clark Video

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

This is the perfect visual for this song, and all this time I never knew… I found this sort of just fussing around on youtube looking for clark interviews (about his gear – as I plan to start experimenting with music making in the near future)

Man Breaks into Dairy Queen, Steals Only Ice Cream and Jimmies

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

picture-11I stopped by the local Dairy Queen the other day and talked to AJ, the manager there who I have known since high school, and he told me about how a man had broken into the Dairy Queen the other night and had spilled ice cream on the floor. I laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation and wondered how he knew exactly what the guy had done, little did I know there was video footage of the event.

The MVTimes posted the footage on their website today.

Edit: Added Youtube version:

Edit: Update from Nelson Sigelman, author of the article:

The Edgartown Dairy Queen break-in is solved. Zachary L. Gould, 25, a seasonal Oak Bluffs resident, went to the Edgartown Police station Thursday morning accompanied by attorney Charles Morano and his father. He admitted he is the man a surveillance camera captured breaking into the popular ice cream shop early Saturday morning, officer Chris Dolby told The Times late Thursday afternoon.
The video was posted on The Times website and photos were published in the print edition. Mr. Gould went to the Oak Bluffs Library Thursday morning and read the newspaper online.
“He called this morning after seeing your website,” said officer Dolby. “He said he was so intoxicated at the time that he didn’t recall really even doing it, but once he saw the website this morning, he had fast recollection. He called an attorney, and turned himself in today at the station.”
Police plan to seek a complaint of breaking and entering, and malicious destruction of property. A court date is yet to be determined. He will be arraigned sometime next week, said police.
Mr. Gould received his undergraduate degree in public policy and law from Trinity College. He is currently enrolled in law school. He is a former intern to Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut.
Police thanked The Times for publishing the photos and video. “It’s good when it works out like this,” officer Dolby said. “There’s no mystery, and it’s all wrapped up. More people need to put video surveillance in their stores, as far as I’m concerned.”
He said the police had received many telephone calls from people who thought they recognized the man in the video. “We thank you for your help,” said Mr. Dolby. “If The Times would put a little brief up, it will eliminate the calls that are coming in from tipsters.”

Electronic Cigarettes

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

I am not a smoker, but in Boston I was amazed by this – the video isn’t as impressive as the real thing – The “Electronic Cigarette” (link provided by the woman who was “smoking” it)- No tar, no smoke, just water vapor for appearances and system for distribution of nicotine inside it to give you your “fix.” The girl said “It’s like an inhaler.” She even got away with smoking it on the plane ride to Boston.

It’s not smelly. It even lights up at the end, looking like a surreal version of an actual cigarette. It’s actually pretty neat. I have no intention of taking up smoking because of it, but it seems like a good alternative for those who are looking to quit but still have the look and feel of smoking. We are living in the future and the future is electronic cigarettes. And turning your pockets inside out. Speaking of which, it’s probably less expensive than buying cartons of the real thing. Joins the Twittersphere

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

brainwaves from ZF FILMS on Vimeo.

@brainwashedcom – (as in – home of the brainwaves festival) one of my all time favorite music news sources, touching upon the darker side of my listening soul, has joined the land of twitter. I attented Brainwaves in 08 and was deeply thrilled to finally see some of my old favorites: Peter Christopherson, Meat Beat Manifesto, Matmos, and Stars of the Lid. I was also introduced to some musicians such as Marissa Nadler, Glenn Jones (who I met there and learned he’d had his album worked on by one of my childhood friends and classmates, Anthony Esposito), Boduf Songs, His Name Is Alive and many others that enticed me. Brainwashed has always been at the forefront of musical discovery, finding and helping bring success to those bands that eventually grew to relative stardom (Antony, Amanda Palmer, Devendra Banhart, and on and on) but often being overlooked by the powers that they inspire.

Brainwashed deserves credit for pulling culture out of the cracks and feeding it to many who desperately need it, and while that occasionally comes with a low dosage of condescension, their reviews and headlines are usually surprisingly optimistic and pleasant, rarely crucifying their subjects. For a counter-culture online publication with a dedicated base of rabid, often darkly dressed fans, that’s quite impressive.

The bottom line is: if you want to be a step ahead of the music scene, pay attention to brainwashed. Listen to their podcasts. I too have been guilty of ignoring them from time to time, and for that I always kick myself. On their site, they are currently wondering what they’re going to do with twitter. If you’re listening, brainwashed: keep us informed. Remind us when you update, tell us when there are brainwashed bands playing shows, tell us when the DVD is coming, let us know whenever you see Gary Wilson covering himself with baby powder. Tell us pretty much anything, we’ll listen.

hugs and or drugsBy the way, I must show pride, I got this shirt at Brainwavesfest2008 and I am in love. Thanks kranky.

Wolfie’s Strange Ways in 4D show on WVVY – Recorded live at 1PM this afternoon

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Wolfie is 13 and goes to the Public Charter School on Martha’s Vineyard (oh hey, that’s him right there on the front page), and he does a rockin radio show on WVVY on Wednesdays at 1 PM for an hour. I’ve been recording his episodes, you can check out past ones in the Radio section. Today I had a scare, thinking the station was going to be down, but I slyly found a stream and was able to get it recorded. Here it is. 128kbps MP3 this time:

Wolfie – Strange Ways in 4D March 25th 2009


Obama Inauguration live mashup

Friday, March 13th, 2009

This is Tim Exile, whose new album “Listening Tree” is coming out on Warp Records soon, doing a live Mashup of Obama’s inauguration speech, when it aired internationally. His album is one of the most impressive things I’ve heard so far this year, combining a sort of 80s Depeche Mode synth-pop with the experimention of a Reaktor guru playing with electronic noise making tools. I love people who are classically trained and just decide to make crazy noises. Richard Devine is another one of these types of guys (with a cool website to boot).

Space Invaders

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

boing boing is one my favorite blog based sites and I found this there a few days ago, it impressed me. It’s like Justice’s Dance video meets cloverfield but with space invaders, the 8-bit kind.